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SHODO SUPER Gokaiger updated images

New images for SHODO SUPER Gokaiger are out!

Now featuring Gokai Silver and a ton of other accessories!
Gokai Red with a Mobirates and a hand holding a Ranger Key

Gokai Pink and Green with Gokai Guns

Gokai Yellow and Blue with Gokai Sabers

Navi is also included in the set!

There's also a Mobirates with the Gokai Galleon Key

Gokai Galleon Buster!

Accessories set 1

Gokai Silver

Gokai Silver Gold Mode

Accessories set 2

There are also accessories for the Cross Armor Mode!

You can even form Gokai Full Cross!

Accessories set 3

The 1st line of SHODO SUPER Gokaiger is set for a July 2022 release, priced at 8520 Yen, and the 2nd line follows in August 2022, priced at 5500 Yen.

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