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J SOUL BROTHERS III won HISTORY OF SONGS award in the 2021 Asia Artist Awards

For the first time in the history of Asia Artist Award, the "HISTORY OF SONGS Award" has been awarded to a Japanese artist in the person of J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE (JSB3) on Thursday, December 2nd.

As they celebrate their 10th year anniversary, JSB3 has been very active in different fields this year which gave them a lot of recognitions from around the world. With these achievements, they had represented Japan in the 2021 Asia Artist Award, an awarding ceremony originated in Korea that recognizes singers and actors who have shined in Asia, as they receive the "HISTOY OF SONGS award".

"We are very happy to announce that we have won the History of Songs Award in the "2021 Asia Artist Award"! We believe that the award was given to us based on our various works during the past year of our "10th Anniversary Year" and the various aspects of our history. We are very honored to receive this award, and we would like to continue our activities to live up to this award."

この度、「2021 Asia Artist Award」でHistory of Songs賞を受賞しました!



They have been attracting attention from all over the world, and the video of their performance at "2021AAA" is now available on YouTube. They had performed their latest song "Honey", written by vocalist Imaichi Ryuji, which has become a hot topic.

J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE is the third generation group of artists under the EXILE TRIBE label and they have just recently released their BEST Album and new Album on November 10th entitled "BEST BROTHERS / THIS IS JSB", marking the 11th anniversary of their debut. Moreover, vocalist Hiroomi Tosaka had also released his song "You" under his solo artist name ØMI. The song was produced by SUGA of BTS which has become a trending topic with positive responses around the globe.

Fans are very much delighted and hyped on this success that they kept on making noise giving their love and support to the group.


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