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Avataro Sentai DonBrothers - Main Heroes, Toy Gimmicks & Mecha Rumors

Avataro Sentai DonBrothers - Main Heroes, Toy Gimmicks & Mecha Rumors

December has finally come and it's almost less than a month before we get to see our first official look at the next Super Sentai team that will succeed the Zenkaigers so let's read some more rumors about them!

Before proceeding, let it be known that these are rumors so please, take it with a grain of salt as always.

And here's something from Dukemon22:

"-Team members consist of Don Momotaro. Saru Brother (Blue), OniSister (Yellow), InuBrother (Black), KijiBrother (Pink), and Black and White ZenKaizer.

-The peach symbol on DonMomotaro's head is metallic pink, not silver

-The bike is NOT his henshin item. Its name is EnyaRideon and has a bike mode, and robo half mode, which when combined with Juran, forms Don ZenkaiOh. Change Hero can ride on bike mode.

-DonMomotaro will actually use the GearTlinger to transform until March. After March, he uses the DonBlaster which has two muzzles that rotate in firing. It can read Sentai Gears, Avataro Gears and AvataroGear Alters. It seems to resemble that EnyaRideon and GearTlinger and that's why it looked like another mode of it. The DonBlaster is everyone's henshin item, and there does seem to be an "Avatar" element to the transformations. The new gears don't seem to have back images to them.

-AvataroGears are the DonBrothers henshin gears, but will also feature the legendary red rangers.

-AvataroGear Alter is a power up item. It transforms DonMomotaro into DonMomotaro Alter, a CGI robot. The Legendary Avataro Gear Alters can summon mecha and allow the team to combine with those mecha. The ToQGer Gear Alter summons the Ichigo Ressha; the Zyuohger Gear Alter summons a Eagle/Shark/Lion type box.

-SaruBrother is a Gorilla. Physical suit. OniSister uses a spiked club weapon, and has a skirt. InuBrother is a "3 heads tall" cartoon dog that fights with a shuriken. CGI character. KijiBrother looks like Slenderman, with wings that grow out. CGI character.

-The ZanglassSword is DonMomotaro's personal weapon. Using an infared data communication with the DonBlaster, it can perform finishing moves

-Outside of the Alters, there doesn't seem to be a new robot until June. The Alters resemble Akibaranger's ItassherRobo. Don Onitaijin seems to be a super gattai of some kind. The Alters seem to not be of the DX line, but of the Change Heroes line! It seems there are no "giant robot battles" in DonBrothers. Instead, the Alters shift the battle into another dimensional space.

-ZenKaizer is in the show until at least June. He becomes "ZenKaizer Black". He will get a new Change Heroes figure.

-The logo looks like a Level 5 Video Game title".

Now, what do you think of these rumors? Let's all wait for the upcoming January 2022 issues of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine for the official confirmation!

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