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HIGH&LOW THE WORST Sequel announced

The sequel to HIGH&LOW has been announced, along with its cast members!

Most cast members are returning from the 2019 movie, including Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, RYU, and Takahide Suzuki, all from THE RAMPAGE FROM EXILE. Alongside them are Gouki Maeda, Fuju Kamio, Kouhei Fukuyama, Satoshi Uekiya, and Ken Nakajima. All of them represent Oya High School.

On the side of Housen High School, Akihisa Shiono, Yo Aoi, Shin Koyanagi, Atsushi Arai, and Ryotaro Sakaguchi return for the movie.

Win Morisaki is a new cast member dor the movie, carried over from the spin-off drama 6 from HIGH & LOW THE WORST.

HIGH & LOW THE WORST is a collaboration between EXILE HIRO, who produced HIGH & LOW, and Hiroshi Takahashi, the creator of the CROWS franchise, particularly CROWS THE WORST, which makes this a crossover of two franchises.

HIGH & LOW THE WORST comes to theaters in early autumn 2022.

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