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Kamen Rider Beyond Generations villains announced

Introducing the villans of Kamen Rider Beyond!

Revi, Saber, and the rest of the Kamen Riders are about to face the threat of the Crispers, led by Mysterious Devil Diablo!

Diablo will be voiced by Yoji Ueda, Himiko Crisper by Rika Matsumoto, Edison Crisper by Ryusei Nakao, Khufu Crisper by Tomoyuki Morikawa, and Leonidas Crisper by Tessho Genda.

From left to right: Leonidas, Khufu, Diablo, Himiko, and Edison

The crispers appear to be based on Kamen Rider Ghost's Eyecons, particularly Himiko and Edison.

Fumihiko Tachiki also appears as a Shocker Executive.

Shocker executive

Kamen Rider Beyond Generations comes out on December 17, 2021.

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