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KEY MUSIC Ep. 4 with GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE has been Released!

The fourth episode of KEY MUSIC is finally here! EXILE ATSUSHI, this time, collaborates with Jr.Exile's GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE on December 22nd.

After EXILE ATSUSHI's collaboration with THE RAMPAGE, BALLISTIK BOYZ and FANTASTICS, it's now GENERATIONS' turn to go with the challenge.

This collaboration is also in line with EXILE's 20th anniversary celebration through the Exile Tribute project. With the release of GENE's Tribute single, the Jr.Exile vocals leader, Kazuhara Ryuto and Katayose Ryota who are participating for three consecutive years this year in NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, sings their cover song, 「Angel」 which was originally released by Exile in 2009, in this episode. Furthermore, let us know the thoughts of this week's artists and ATSUSHI's overall thoughts on these collaborations.

Kazuhara Ryuto:
"Looking at the songs covered by the junior groups of Jr. EXILE, each group has its own story and feelings, and we could feel once again that the existence of EXILE has its own story beyond generations. For us, the lineup of the songs this time was the generation right in the middle, so we were genuinely happy and felt that it was a "dream" to be able to collaborate side by side in the same booth. I want to say to myself at the time of the audition, 'Someday you'll be singing with ATSUSHI-san.'"

Katayose Ryota:
"We have had the opportunity to stand on the same stage in the past, but this was the first time we had the chance to sing together in the studio. I was very nervous, but when I was auditioning 10 years ago, I thought that I would be very moved if I saw this scene now. I thought to myself, 'I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can so that I won't be embarrassed to be seen by myself back then.' The sound of ATSUSHI-san's voice coming from next to me was real (of course. *laughs*) I was impressed by the fine nuances and the subtlety of his singing. It was a valuable opportunity for me to be inspired to improve my singing even more."

EXILE ATSUSHI: (After the collaboration with the 4 groups)
"As each group has its own unique characteristics, the vocalists play a central role in creating the color of the group, including the musicality, and I felt everyone's individuality very much.

Of course, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with them on the songs filled with many memories from the group's era, not to mention the responses, but if the children of the Jr. EXILE generation are now over 20 years old, and every time we meet them, they say 'It was our youth', which makes us happy and grateful, and also makes us feel that we have spent such a long time in the 20th anniversary.

In the future, I hope that not only LDH artists will be able to collaborate on "music" like this project, which can only be seen on "CL" and has become a "key" for the artists, and that this will make the viewers happy."




EXILE ATSUSHI indeed has high hopes on EXILE TRIBE's younger generations and will keep believing in their abilities as they continue to spread LOVE + DREAM + HAPPINESS through their music to the world.

KEY MUSIC is produced by EXILE HIRO and EXILE ATSUSHI is the one in-charge for the sound direction. Without a doubt, this song has a deep meaning for both of them. So then, pay close attention to how this collaboration will give way to a new moving experience that transcends generations.

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