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KEY MUSIC Ep. 2 with the BALLISTIK BOYZ has been Released!

The second episode of KEY MUSIC is finally here! And this time, EXILE ATSUSHI collaborates with the youngest Jr.Exile group, the BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE.

Following EXILE ATSUSHI's collaboration with THE RAMPAGE, the 7-mic freestyle group BALLISTIK BOYZ, whose members all have the physical ability to hold microphones, perform and even do acrobatics, took the challenge. The group has many bilingual members, and has conducted promotional tours mainly in Southeast Asia in the past, aiming to become a global standard. This time, they will collaborate with EXILE ATSUSHI by rapping and vocalizing without their signature acrobatics.

This collaboration is also in line with EXILE's 20th anniversary celebration through the Exile Tribute project. As BBZ's single has been released on December 8th, members Hidaka Ryuta, Kanou Yoshiyuki, Kainuma Ryusei, Fukahori Miku, Okuda Rikiya, Matsui Riki and Sunada Masahiro will sing their carrier cover song, 「Touch The Sky」which was originally released by Exile in 2007, in this episode. Furthermore, the collaboration with Jr. Exile vocalists will continue for two more weeks following the consecutive releases of FANTASTICS on December 15th and GENERATIONS on December 22nd. In addition to that, let us know the thoughts of this week's artists as they collaborate with their most admired senior, ATSUSHI.

"I was hoping that they would update it to the coolness they think of now, without forcibly reproducing the feeling of those days with care. So it's really like that, which EXILE at that time can't do, and it's a style that can be done only by the current form of BALLISTIK BOYZ, which I think is really cool."
気を使って当時の感じを無理に再現しないで、彼らの思う今のカッコよさみたいなものにアップデートしてくれたらいいなって思っていました。なので本当にそういう感じになっていて、当時のEXILEにはできない、今のBALLISTIK BOYZの形だからできるスタイルで、すごくかっこいいなと思いました。

Hidaka Ryuta:
"I felt deeply moved by just covering EXILE songs, but today I actually entered the studio with ATSUSHI-san and sang while listening to his voice, finally, I realized that I have really covered EXILE's songs."

Kanou Yoshiyuki:
"ATSUSHI-san said that it had been 13 years since he sang "Touch The Sky", but I thought it was really amazing that he was able to sing and match the song so well in just a few minutes. It was also the moment when I realized his power and ability as a vocalist."
ATSUSHIさんが「Touch The Sky」を歌うのは13年ぶりとおっしゃっていたのですが、ものの数十分であそこまで歌い上げる、合わせてくるというのが本当にすごいなと思いました。ボーカリストとしてのパワー、実力を思い知った瞬間でもありました。

Kainuma Ryusei:
"This time, through the collaboration with ATSUSHI-san, we could feel the meaning of "inheritance" more closely as Jr.EXILE. In the future, I would like to raise my level further, and if there is another chance to work with ATSUSHI-san again, I would like to sing a better song at that time."

Fukahori Miku:
"To be honest, I was very nervous at first. I never imagined that I would be able to sing with someone who I have admired since I was a child. Even though it was a very valuable experience just to cover a song, singing with ATSUSHI-san was a wonderful memory that I will never forget. He was very careful when deciding which part to sing, and I was reminded of how straightforward and wonderful he is in everything he does. I would like to do my best to become a top singer who represents Japan like ATSUSHI-san."

Okuda Rikiya:
"As 7 members are from EXPG, we have been support dancers of EXILE, so we could cover "Touch The Sky" again, and this time, we could sing with ATSUSHI-san. We had a precious time with ATSUSHI-san. We would like to do our best to perform with ATSUSHI-san again someday."
メンバー7人がEXPG出身という事で、EXILEさんのサポートダンサーもさせていただいていたので、あらためて「Touch The Sky」をカヴァーという形で、そして今回は、ATSUSHIさんと歌唱をご一緒させていただき、凄い良い緊張感とプレッシャーの中、自分たちも貴重な時間をすごさせていただきました。いつかまたATSUSHIさんとパフォーマンス出来るように頑張っていきたいと思います。

Matsui Riki:
"I was deeply moved just by the fact that I was able to cover the song, but collaborating with ATSUSHI-san this time was a huge experience for me in my career. It's only been a short time since our debut, but I'm filled with gratitude for this is a very valuable experience for us."

Sunada Masahiro:
"When I first heard about this project, I was very happy to hear about it because we all came from EXPG and I've been listening to them everyday since I was little. When Ryuta-kun and ATSUSHI-san sang together in unison, I couldn't help but think "Wow ... this is amazing ...!” I was impressed and envious at the same time."

BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE, though is considered as the youngest group from Jr.EXILE, has received a lot of support and admiration from their seniors. They might be young but they are considered as the most talented group in EXILE TRIBE as mentioned by ELLY from J SOUL BROTHERS III. Moreover, Exile fans commented on their covers as a new blend; a new spice with rap and vocals that doesn't make the cover songs felt like covers at all.

KEY MUSIC is produced by EXILE HIRO and EXILE ATSUSHI is the one in-charge for the sound direction. Without a doubt, this song has a deep meaning for both of them. So then, pay close attention to how this collaboration will give way to a new moving experience that transcends generations.

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