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KEY MUSIC Ep. 3 with FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE has been Released!

The third episode of KEY MUSIC is finally here! EXILE ATSUSHI, once again, collaborates with another Jr.Exile group, the FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE on December 15th.

After EXILE ATSUSHI's collaboration with THE RAMPAGE and BALLISTIK BOYZ, it's now FANTASTICS' turn to go with the challenge. Back in May of 2018, FNT's vocals, Yagi Yuisei and Nakajima Sota, were featured in EXILE's 「Turn Back Time」and gained a lot of attention. This will be the first time for them to sing with EXILE ATSUSHI since their unprecedented collaboration as newcomers before their debut.

This collaboration is also in line with EXILE's 20th anniversary celebration through the Exile Tribute project. With the release of FNT's Tribute single, they will sing the carrier cover song, 「Each Other’s Way ~旅の途中~」 which was originally released by Exile in 2011, in this episode. Furthermore, the collaboration with Jr. Exile vocalists will continue for one more week following the release of GENERATIONS on December 22nd. In addition to that, let us know the thoughts of this week's artists as they collaborate with their most admired senior, ATSUSHI.

"It's a bright and positive song, so I really enjoyed it! Compared to when we collaborated in the past, I felt that they had experienced a lot of stages and practiced singing a lot, and I was jealous of their young and fresh voices (laughs). FANTASTICS has an atmosphere that no other group in LDH has, and many of the members are very positive and refreshing, which is perfect for songs like "Flower Song" and "Each Other's Way". Of course, there will be sad songs on the album, but I think that's the kind of image that makes FANTASTICS fans become fans, so I hope that they will continue to deliver such songs."
明るく前向きな曲なのでとても楽しかったです!過去にコラボした時から比べると、数多くのステージを経験して、歌もすごく練習しているなと感じましたし、何しろ声が若々しく初々しくて羨ましかったです(笑)。FANTASTICSは、LDHの中でも他のグループにはない雰囲気をもっていて、「Flower Song」や「Each Other’s Way」のような楽曲が合う爽やかなメンバーが多く、とても前向きでポジティブ。もちろんアルバムでは切ない曲もあると思いますが、そういったイメージをもってFANTASTICSファンの方はファンになるのだと思うので、そのような楽曲を今後も届けていってほしいなと思います。

Yagi Yusei:
"「Each Other’s Way 〜旅の途中〜」is a song I've covered in live performances before, but this time, when ATSUSHI-san started singing, I was drawn into the "EXILE feeling" at once."
「Each Other’s Way 〜旅の途中〜」はライブなどでも以前からカヴァーさせていただいていた曲ですが、今回、ATSUSHIさんが歌い出した時に一気に「EXILE感」に引き込まれました。自分が小さい頃からテレビの中で歌っている憧れのATSUSHIさんとコラボレーションができて幸せすぎました。

Nakajima Sota:
"I was too happy! With ATSUSHI singing next to me in the same booth, I was able to sing with gratitude, thinking that the other members must be quite envious. We passed through the fun and collaborated while feeling happiness from the bottom of our hearts."
幸せすぎました! ATSUSHIさんが同じブースの隣で歌唱している事で、他のメンバーも相当羨ましがるのではないかと思うと、感謝の気持ちを込めて歌うことができました。楽しいを通り過ぎて、心から幸せを感じながらコラボレーションさせていただきました。

FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE is an EXILE TRIBE group with Sekai and Taiki Sato from EXILE as leaders which was formed as a performer group on December 29, 2016. They successfully held Musha Shugyo with 50 shows at 18 venues in 14 cities across Japan attracting about 30,000 viewers. FANTASTICS is a dance & vocal group which aims for the further development by steadily expanding its scope of activities.

KEY MUSIC is produced by EXILE HIRO and EXILE ATSUSHI is the one in-charge for the sound direction. Without a doubt, this song has a deep meaning for both of them. So then, pay close attention to how this collaboration will give way to a new moving experience that transcends generations.

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