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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Title & Description

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 39 Title & Description

Imagine celebrating 2 holidays and your birthday at once! Or, is this another one of those dastardly acts made by the Tojitendo?

Episode 39 "The infinitude of happy birthdays" 12/12/21

"December 12th is Kaito Goshikida's birthday! And... everyone's also waiting on Christmas, as colorful decorations start to cover the city! Having a birthday around Christmas just means having two fun celebrations in a row! What great news! The Zenkaigers are getting another bonus just before the New Year! But here comes New Years World, which has the ability to make people forget the past year with just the ring of a bell! "Forget all the bad things from this year, and journey fresh into the new one!" "Forget about everything...! Tojitendo... the ongoing battle... your dad...""

Source: SpecialForm12 

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