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Jr.EXILE's BATTLE OF TOKYO to release a Starting Guide and novel Volume 3 on February

LDH's comprehensive entertainment project for Jr.EXILE known as the BATTLE OF TOKYO will be releasing its Official Starting Guide and the novel's third volume on February.
BOT is a comprehensive entertainment project by LDH to Jr.EXILE groups GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE, FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE, and BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE as a special project which includes music, animation, games, etc.

The story takes place in the futuristic city of Cho-Tokyo, which has undergone a miraculous recovery from a catastrophe. On the other side of the city, a group of young people who have survived by relying solely on their own strength are on the rise. The MAD JESTERS (GENERATIONS), a gang of mysterious thieves, ROWDY SHOGUN (THE RAMPAGE), an organization of the most powerful and unrivaled bouncers, Astro9 (FANTASTICS), a group of illusionists that can change at will and JIGGY BOYS (BALLISTIK BOYZ), a team of hackers who are artistically frenzy. Their challenge with special abilities (skills) begins.
The Official Visual Guide is a re-edited version of the exhibition catalog sold at the BATTLE OF TOKYO EXHIBITION in 2021, with new animation cuts and new illustrations to explain the story, characters, and world view. It will be available on sale on February 18th. On the other hand, third volume of the novel, BATTLE OF TOKYO will be released on February 22nd. In the third novel, the teams will fight fiercely against each other, and the past and thoughts of each character will be revealed.

Official Guide Table of Contents:
CHAPTER-04: INTERVIEW (President of Crafter: Yoshida Furuta / Director: Azuma Hiroaki / Story Planning: Sato Dai / Mechanical Design: Izubuchi Yutaka)
VOICE ACTOR'S COMMENTS: Kaji Yuki, Kimura Subaru, Ishikawa Kaito, Horie Shun, Takeuchi Shunsuke

To have more glimpse of the story, here are the MVs that were released under the BATTLE OF TOKYO ~Time 4 Jr.EXILE~ which shows the novel's Volume 1, Chapters 2 to 5:

BOT Vol. 1 Chapter 2: PHANTOM THIEVES / Liberation

BOT Vol. 1 Chapter 3: GUARDIANS / Call of Justice

BOT Vol. 1 Chapter 4: ILLUSION / Perfect Magic

BOT Vol. 1 Chapter 5: ANALYSIS / Viva La Evolucion

via LDH Japan / Tokyo Headline / Kadokawa

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