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Kamen Rider Revice Episode 20 Title & Description

Will Hiromi find a way to transform into Kamen Rider Demons without endangering his own life in the process? Let's find out.

Episode 20 "Ruthless and temporary, the price of transformation" 1/30/22

""I... will devour... your life..." These are the words spoken by Hiromi's Demons Driver! Is this a result of his internal body degradation due to continuous transformation?! Hiromi, who acts strong before Ikki and Daiji, is nevertheless anxious inside, as he furiously asks Karizaki, who gave him the Demons Driver in the first place, what on Earth is going on! 

On the other hand, Ikki, who is worried about Hiromi, hears the truth about his condition from Fenix doctor Akemi Mikoshiba, who tells him "The next time he transforms, there's no guarantee he will survive". Just then, Hiromi's classmate, Chigusa Yamagiri, questions Olteca about his pride as a Deadman as she seeks to understand the true purpose of his mission...

Source: SpecialForm12

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