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Masahiro Inoue Creates Own Tokusatsu Hero

Masahiro Inoue Creates Own Tokusatsu Hero

Fan-favorite Japanese actor Masahiro Inoue, who portrays the titular role from Kamen Rider Decade, announced that he has created his own tokusatsu superhero.

Due to the color of Kamen Rider Decade that is magenta, Inoue has entitled this project of his as "Pink No Tokusatsu Tsukuru or Pink Tokusatsu Creation", which will begin this April of 2022 on his own youtube channel.

It was also said that Toshiki Kashu (Kamen Rider Agito) and Satoshi Matsuda (Kamen Rider Ryuki) will make an appearance.  Kei Taguchi and Ken Takahashi will be in charge of the scriptwriting and hero designs.

Source: Kodansha

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