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Sou Okuno and Ayaka Konno reunite in new movie

Kamen Rider Zi-O's Sou Okuno and Ayaka Konno are together again for a new movie!

Their new movie, entitled "Haiiro no Kabe", features Sou in the lead role as Masaki Yoshida, a biker gang leader, who one day is sent to juvenile prison for a certain crime.

Ayaka plays the role of Sayuri Yoshida, Masaki's wife, and mother to their young daughter.

The film also features Noboru Kaneko, known for his role as Kakeru Shishi, Gaored in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, as the police officer who arrests Masaki. We also see Takanori Jinnai from Kamen Rider Wizard the Movie as Ogma/Kamen Rider Sorcerer, also a senior police officer.

Haiiro no Kabe hits theaters in Japan on February 25, 2022.



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