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Kamen Rider Revice - Enter Revice's True Form And A Holy Powered Live!

This March, the Igarashi brothers will both get new power-ups that will even up the odds against the Deadmans! Here comes Kamen Rider Revice and Kamen Rider Holy Live!

By using the power that is stored in the Thunder Gale ViStamp, Ikki and Vice will finally become one in body and spirit and will power up into Kamen Rider Revice Thunder Gale Genome! In this new form, they will use the power of thunder and wind against their enemies! Also seen here is a new version of Olteca's Deadman form. Is he done with the Demons Driver?

As for Daiji, he will acquire the Holy Wing ViStamp which stores the power of a white crow. With this, he can transform into Kamen Rider Holy Live! In this form, he can perform a 4-hit combination attack! Now that the brothers are even more powerful than before, how will Olteca find the power to match them? 

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