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The Making Of Guyver: Dark Hero

The Making Of Guyver: Dark Hero

Here's another throwback for all of you 90's tokusatsu fans featuring the behind-the-scenes video of Guyver: Dark Hero with David Hayter, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight's Steve Wang, and the god of tokusatsu heroine legs, Koichi Sakamoto, in their younger days!

Please click the image to watch the video.

I saw this way back in 1995 (before my grade school graduation) which was retitled Predator 3: Dark Hero, and instantly fell in love with the move. And when the internet age came, I tirelessly searched for its lore and I was not disappointed at all even after watching the 6 episode OVA on VHS. Man, those were the days.

Special thanks to our buddies at Garage Hero for the video and for bringing back one of my teenhood heroes.

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