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Ultraman Decker Toy Series Trademarked

Ultraman Decker Toy Series Trademarked

Once again, Tsuburaya has released the new trademarks for all various toys that are related to the upcoming Ultraman Decker TV series. 

First, let's take a look at Ultraman Decker's accessories and weapons.

  • Ultra D Flasher - Probably Decker's transformation device that might be similar to Dyna's Reflasher
  • Ultra Dimension Cards - Said card gimmick for Decker
  • Ultra Dueling Sword - Decker's personal weapon 

And now, for GUTS-Select's successors.

  • Select Hyper Gun - Similar to the GUTS Sparklence but only acts as a sidearm.
  • GUTS Griffin and GUTS Hawk - The new team's mechas.

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