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Avataro Sentai Don Brothers Episode 04 Title & Description

Avataro Sentai Don Brothers Episode 04 Title & Description

Looks like Taro and Tsuyoshi are both up for some good deeds as they will try to help an Onigiri specialty shop! And yes, Lupinranger avatar change!

Episode 04 "Oni of onigiri" 03/27/22

"Haruka Kito/Oni Sister, who finally found out who Taro Momoi/Don Momotaro is visits the courier shop he is working to ask what is he thinking. Later, Taro decided to have a part-time job at the consulting company where Tsuyoshi Kijino/Kiji Brother works. The two team up to help an onigiri specialty store that continues to be in the red. The onigiri that the owner makes is not good, and the staff is not motivated. Taro decides to give the staff a specialty training."

Source: SpecialForm12

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