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Avataro Sentai DonBrothers Episode 03 Title & Description

Avataro Sentai DonBrothers Episode 03 Title & Description

This Sunday on the 3rd episode of Avataro Sentai DonBrothers, we will finally meet the last member of the team, and Sononi is going to make her debut!

Episode 03 "Light Thief" 3/20/22

"Shinichi Saruhara, who spends most of his time at his own pace is whimsically writing haiku. One day, he picks up his smartphone and transforms into Saru Brother, and just accepted his destiny like a cloud that changes shape every day. 

Meanwhile, Taro Momoi/Don Momotaro delivered a parcel to Haruka Kito/Oni Sister's house was mistakenly arrested by Detective Yuriko Kito, Haruka's aunt. Recently, thieves who pretend to be courier companies steal only lighting have appeared. Haruka didn't think that Taro is "Taro Momoi", so he decided to accompany Taro's delivery in search for Taro Momoi."

Source: SpecialForm12

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