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Ultraman Decker - Main Hero, Mecha & More Rumors

Ultraman Decker - Main Hero, Mecha & More Rumors

More rumors have surfaced regarding the main protagonist, team mecha, and cards from the Ultraman Decker TV series, so as usual, take this one with a grain of salt.

-Asumi Kanata/Ultraman Decker is our main hero. His name translates to "Mata Ashita" (see you tomorrow) and is a hot-blooded member of the new GUTS SELECT just like Asuka.
-Asumi uses monster cards and can be summoned to assist him during battle (Windam, Agira, Miclas)
-The GUTS Hawk is controlled by the called AI Hanejiro while the GUTS Falcon is manually operated by the male protagonist.
-The Ultra Dimension card is only used by the Asumi/Decker and the enemy. GUTS Select will still use Hyper Keys.

So what do you think of these rumors? Drop all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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