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Ultraman Decker official info revealed

We now have more official info on Ultraman Decker!

Meet Asumi Kanata, a GUTS SELECT member chosen by the power of Decker!

Asumi will be portrayed by Hiroki Matsumoto.

Asumi Kanata

Asumi will transform using the Ultra D Flasher and Dimension Cards!

Ultra D Flasher

Dimension Card (Flash Type)

And here are Decker's forms!

Just like Ultraman Dyna, Decker also has Flash, Strong, and Miracle types!

Flash Type is Decker's default form, with a balanced fighting style. Its finisher is the Selgent Ray.

Strong Type excels in physical combat and can charge its right hand for the Tornado Breaker.

Miracle Type is agile, and can summon a black hole via the left hand to perform Realute Wave.

Ultraman Decker premieres July 9, 2022.

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