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Avataro Sentai DonBrothers Episode 07 Title & Description

Avataro Sentai DonBrothers Episode 07 Title & Description

This Sunday, it's going to be another test of strength and intelligence as Taro and Saruhara will become teachers for a day! Who will be the better one?

Episode 07 "Group of teachers" 4/17/22

"Shinichi Saruhara and Taro Momoi visits Haruka Kito/Oni Sister's high school as teachers for a special class that teaches the lives of various people. While the students are asked questions, Taro decides to play against the judo club and shogi club that he had challenged. Haruka asks on why Taro attacks his teammates who are supposed to "accompany" him in battle. Meanwhile, Chikyuuki appears and absorbed people who did not follow the rules. Tsubasa Inuzuka/Inu Brother fights Chikyuuki, but it became transparent and disappeared."

Source: SpecialForm12

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