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Ryoma Takeuch in Itaewon Class Japanese remake

Kamen Rider Drive's Ryoma Takeuchi becomes lead actor in the Japanese remake of Itaewon Class!

Renamed "Roppongi Class" for the Japanese setting, it is a remake of the Korean Netflix drama that aired in 2020.

Rya Takeuchi will play the role of Shin Miyabe, owner of a bar/restaurant in Roppongi, who aims to topple Nagaya Holdings, in revenge for his father, who was killed due to reckless driving, by the son of Nagaya's CEO.

To better fit his role, Ryoma even copied the iconic haircut and clothing worn by his Korean counterpart Seo-joon Park.

Roppongi Class is set to premiere on TV Asahi on July 27, 2022.

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