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TTFC announces Kamen Rider Genms

What started as another April Fools' prank by Toei actually comes true!

Kamen Rider Genms: Smart Brain and 1000% Crisis was announced via Ex-Aid's Twitter account from what started as an April Fools' joke featuring Ren Amagasaki/Lovelica Bugstar as "Kamen Rider Lovelica".

"Kamen Rider Lovelica"

However, actor Shinya Kote is actually revealed to be part of the Genms project, alongside none other than Kuroto himself, Tetsuya Iwanaga!

It appears Kuroto has taken on a humagear form this time. While implied via the title, it may also be possible that Gai Amatsu/Kamen Rider Thouser may also be involved. Furthermore, with Smart Brain also mentioned in the title, could it be that someone from Kamem Rider Faiz will appear as well?

Kamen Rider Genms will be available on Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club starting April 17, 2022.

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