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Kamen Rider Geats Official Series Plot & Staff

Kamen Rider Geats Official Series Plot & Staff

After the big reveal that is Kamen Rider Geats, the official plot and staff for the upcoming series that will succeed Kamen Rider Revice has surfaced!

Meet Eisu Ukiyo, a confident genius who always tells himself "victory will be mine in the end" joins a mysterious survival called the "Desire Grand Prix" where he and other Kamen Riders like him will fight the vicious "Jamato" where the only way they can survive is to win points by defeating the enemy, save lives, and most of all, survivve.

Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Gaim's Naomi Takebe and Chihiro Inoue will produce the TV series with Yuya Takahashi writing it. Satoshi Fujita and Shojiro Nakazawa will serve as action director with Teruaki Sugihara will be the main series director. 

Kamen Rider Geats will premiere on TV-Asahi this September 4, 2022 replacing Kamen Rider Revice on the Superhero Time slot.

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