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Kamen Rider Geats - Official Cast Revealed

After the release of the official trailer, let's get to meet the cast of Kamen Rider Geats! Check them out one by one after the page break!

Kan Hideyoshi as Ace Ukiyo/Kamen Rider Geats - A mysterious young man who is full of determination who joins the Desire Grand Prix.

Ryuga Sato as Keiwa Sakurai/Kamen Rider Tycoon - An honest and straightforward person who lives with his sister and loves tanuki soba.

Yuuna Hoshino as Neon Kurama/Kamen Rider Naaga - A popular influencer who has a rich family but has a dream of living a normal life. 

Kazuto Mokudai as Azuma Michinaga/Kamen Rider Buffa - A passionate lone wolf who considers Ace as his rival.

Kokoro Aoshima as Tsurumi - The Desire Grand Prix's navigator who is in charge of reporting the rules, progress, and results of the participants.

Shugo Oshinari as Girori - The official concierge of the Desire Grand Prix who supports the participants at the salon that serves a neutral ground.

Written by Yuuya Takahashi and directed by Teruaki Sugihara, Kamen Rider Geats will premiere on September 4, 2022, replacing Kamen Rider Revice on the Superhero Time block.

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