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Kamen Rider Geats - Press Conference

It's finally here!

Here are the cast members and other stuff you all need to know about Kamen Rider Geats, as per the press conference!

Meet the cast!

Hideyoshi Kan plays Eisu Ukiyo, our main protagonist who'll transform into Geats! He's a man who appears to be extremely talented, and for some reason, always wears a tuxedo. He's also full of mystery, as his not much is revealed, other than the things mentioned earlier.

Ryuga Sato plays Kiewa Sakurai/Kamen Rider Tycoon, a university student currently job hunting. He seems to have been caught up in the Desire Grand Prix by accident, and thus appears to not know how to fight properly.

Yuna Hoshino plays Reon Tsurama/Kamen Rider Naago, a rich girl who wishes to live a simple life, and therefore, runs away from home. She's also an influencer.

Kazuto Mokudai plays Michinaga Azuma/Kamen Rider Buffa. He's an ambitious man with a lone wolf personality, but according to Kazuto himself, hides a softer personality.

Kokoro Aoshima plays Tsumuri, the navigator and announcer for the Desire Grand Prix, providing information to the riders. But what really is she?

Shugo Oshinari plays Girori, a concierge at a salon that caters to the riders. Like Tsumuri, he's also mysterious.

Let's check out other stuff!

Geats's bike turns into a fox!

Jamato, mysterious monsters that attack humans.

A dimension where Tsumuri gives mission briefings, and the riders automatically change into DGP uniforms.

The salon where the riders hang out, with Girori in service. Also called "Neutral Zone".

Geats Zombie form

Daapan Magnum form

The 7 starting riders, with Daapan and 2 others who are also yet to be revealed. One is an owl, and the other is a sheep. The sheep is also a female rider.

Meet the performers for the theme song!

Kumi Koda and Shonan no Kaze will perform in collaboration for Geats!

Kumi Koda came to prominence in the early 2000's, and one of her songs that boosted her to global popularity is "Real Emotion", used in Final Fantasy X-II!

Shonan no Kaze performed "Just Live More" for Kamen Rider Gaim!

Kamen Rider Geats starts September 4, 2022!

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