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Kamen Rider Geats - Let The Game Commence!

Kamen Rider Geats - Let The Game Commence!

This coming weekend, the contest to fulfill one's ultimate wish finally begins! Let's take a refresher to the participants! Here's Kamen Rider Geats and the competing riders of the Desire Grand Prix! 

Meet Ace Ukiyo, a man whose motives of joining the contest and becoming a Kamen Rider is still unknown. He transforms into Kamen Rider Geats Magnum Boost by using the Desire Driver. His other forms are Zombie, Shield, Arrow, Hammer, Boost, and Magnum. He uses the Boost Striker as his super machine. 

And as for the other contestants, they are Kamen Rider Tycoon, Kamen Rider Na-Go, Kamen Rider Buffa, Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Gin-Pen, Kamen Rider Mary, Kamen Rider Da-Paan, and Kamen Rider Shirowe.

The riders will battle agains the Jamato who are classified into 3 categories: Kimono, Thieves, and Boss Jamato. Each contestants will receive a mobile phone called the Spider Phone which can also show their progress in the contest. Each rider, who will be chosen, will fight each other and will only team-up in certain situations that it is needed. Who will win this battle for desire?

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