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SO-DO Kamen Rider Geats revealed

In celebration of Geats's premiere, Bandai unveils SO-DO Kamen Rider Geats!

For the 1st lineup, the characters shown are Geats and Tycoon!

Geats gets the Entry Form, and parts for the Magnum Form upper body, and Boost Form lower body. Tycoon only has the Entry form, but can be mixed and matched, as he has 2 sets of heads, the other used in combination with the Magnum Form!

There's also a lot of new improvements to the articulation!

Full 180 degree splits, and the feet can also bend via ball joints

90 degree elbow movement, almost 180 degree leg raise to the front, 135 degree knee bend

Full 360 waist turn

Shoulder joints can be pulled out for extra movement

Arm-mounted gun parts also included

Geats with arm guns

Wrist ball joint

Belt turning action

Separating head for mix and match gimmick

Tycoon Magnum with 40X rifle mode

Magnum & Entry Form heads for Tycoon

Fully closed fists (available with Tycoon)

Hammer and Shield option parts

Chest/shoulder option parts

Geats Boost Magnum (coming in the 2nd lineup)

SO-DO Geats and Tycoon will come out October 3, 2022, along with Ultimate Revi/Vice and Juuga, while the next lineup featuring Boost Magnum will come out on the 31st.

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