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About JEFusion, A Little History
JEFusion: Japanese Entertainment Blog new Logo
JEFusion, or Japanese Entertainment Fusion, is a friendly Japanese entertainment blog that offers news and updates on the Japanese entertainment, focusing mostly on Tokusatsu, Anime, Movies, and Jdrama. This also includes various merchandises, like toy reviews and game updates.

JEFusion is owned by me, GekiDan.
Contributors include Orends: Range's UkiyaSeed, and Jedibmoney.
Logo is done by konrei-sama (

JEFusion started out last June 2009, as a blog to give out Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and other Tokusatsu updates coming from various forums and blogs. I intended it to be come a one stop blog for everything tokusatsu, as tokusatsu blogs back then are not that many and information are always get buried on forums.

I used to update every other day and sometimes once a week, but as soon as visitors come in after the site got included in Google Search as we get a proper domain name, JEFusion.COM, I work as soon as I got new information. I added downloads, but after a problem with Google Ads, we transferred it to a new home: DOWNLOADS.JEFUSION.COM. Since then, I noticed an increase of users, so the move wasn't bad at all.

The current theme was initially added back in late 2009 with Kamen Rider W as our main focus. It's been 3 years since then, but as much as I want to change the current theme, this one became the face of the blog. It's hard to find a replacement.  —GekiDan


All information posted in this site are properly credited to the source site via a link on the post itself or below each posts. Images, and videos are not hosted on JEFusion. And for those people who will repost entries from this blog to their own sites, be sure to give due credit to the original post via a link back. PURE COPY PASTING IS PROHIBITED.

For potential advertisers who want to have their banners posted on this blog for a definite time span (i.e. 1 month), or want to have a guest blog post, you can contact us at gekidan05[at]gmail[dot]com. Please put the subject of your mail as "Banner Advertising" or "Guest Blog Post," and we will talk about it.

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I hope you have fun reading my blog. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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