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Detail of Heroes: Kamen Rider Beast

Here are the latest scans featuring the DETAIL OF HEROES: Kamen Rider Beast. The scans showcases Kamen Rider Beast's Wizard Rings, abilities and his mantle changes.

Kamen Rider Beast acquires different powers from the Beast Chimera with changes on its cape/mantle. Falcon (orange) enables him the ability to fly, Chameleon (green) for camouflage, Buffalo (red) for enhanced strength, and Dolphin (blue) to control water.

Kamen Rider Beast is Kousuke Nitoh (Tasuku Nagase). He loves mayonnaise so much, and he puts it on almost everything. He was an archeologist student and he found the Beast Driver on an expedition.

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Was there a Detail of Heroes for Fourze and Wizard?

    Also, what, Detail of Heroes No.20! Wasnt OOOs like, 6 or something

  2. I just noticed this, the names of Beast's animals have a letter L with them.

  3. Marco Says:


    ^ Hahahaha! This probably means... NOTHING! XD

    ...But, yeah, good observation, indeed!
    FaLcon, doLphin, buffaLo, chameLeon and, of course, his Lion head... XD

    That's cool!

  4. Chris H Says:

    And "o".... What's your point?

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