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Kamen Rider Beast First Henshin, Fight

Waiting for subs to watch the latest Kamen Rider Wizard episode, just want to check out Kamen Rider Beast's debut? Check out the videos below, featuring Kousuke Nitoh's transformation and first on-screen battle!

Kousuke Nitoh (Tasuku Nagase) is Beast. He loves mayonnaise so much, and he puts it on almost everything. He was an archeologist student and he found the Beast Driver on an expedition.

Kamen Rider Beast acquires different powers from the Beast Chimera with changes on its cape/mantle. Falcon (orange) enables him the ability to fly, Chameleon (green) for camouflage, Buffalo (red) for enhanced strength, and Dolphin (blue) to control water and cure poison.

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12 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just showed up and Beast has more personality in one episode than Wizard/Haruto in all 17 episodes so far.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    His final attack had to buffer

  3. Something tells me beast can counter Phoenix since he absorbs mana from defeated enemies. Although cool first fight, it lacks the intensity like when Wizard first entered. Still,looking forward to future fights with him.

  4. ^i agree with VictoryLeo i wasn't too impressed by the henshin and fight but everyone else seems to be fapping over him. i did enjoy his lively character.and in looking forward to him and wizard fighting side by side in the future

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cool :-)

  6. Wow this guy is awesome but Haruto has 10000x more personality than him... He just look like some punk.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    beast might be the one to defeat Phoenix since it naturally negates Phoenix's regen ability. BUt as to whether he can physically take on Phoenix one on one.. thats hard to tell.

    That saber strike is pretty neat.. summoning multiple creatures at once depending on the dice roll

  8. love everything about beast but the actor him self... his voice is just to high pitched... it doesnt match beast in rider form, it just seems off to me.

  9. Interesting that the cheerful goof character is the secondary Rider this time, considering that's how Wizard's predecessor acted.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Beast definitely feels like he could be OOO's secondary rider, but he had a great debut. Though not as flashy as Haruto's, but he does seem a bit more lively. Kinda disappointed his gimmick isnt as big or interesting as previous secondaries like Birth's CLAWs, or Accel's bikeform and Diend summoning riders.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    so . . . Kamen Rider Donut
    and . . . Kamen Rider Mayonnaise

    WFT - Japan!?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    It may not be a very big gimmick, but I think it make up for it with versatility. It seems like it work well with Wizards form shifting.

    I mean I forgot Accel could turn to a bike a couple of times. And how often did we see Birth pretty much only used the Drill and Cannon parts. He only used the combined forms a few times.

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