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Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 18 Preview

After an awesome episode today, here's the preview of Kamen Rider Wizard's 18th episode: “Magical Meals”. Kamen Rider Beast finally debuts, and Haruto tries to make a partnership with him. Will Kousuke agree?

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. blue buster vs the go busters?
    now beast vs wizard? the hell is goin on next week?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    And already we have our first Wizard duel..

    The other thing.. the yellow crystal in hand.. might be a sign for Land Dragon

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm antihero again like many secondary riders

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Um....the riders fought in Fourze too.....Remember? He killed him for like most of an episode

  6. By far, the only rider that didn't fought the main guy for selfish or unreasonable reasons would be Kamen Rider Birth. Birth just fought OOO so that he could trick the enemy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    kamen rider wizard sucks, the story is boring, generic overused rider tropes from early heisei riders.... boring. Beast's personality is good, doesnt fit the suit he's in and looks like a clown or even a garo knock off which is sad.

    Haruto is now officially boring.

    were still in the early episodes of wizard and it's going nowhere.

    Looks like sentai is going to steal kamen riders spotlight

    There needs to be a rider like double again but used differently.

    Bring on kyoryuger

  8. haruto is just laid back not bland. kousuke is gonna be the lively, energetic one.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    A big concern is that they need to introduce new enemies seeing how Wizard and Beast are easily beating the Phantoms.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    what wizard needs is another rider after beast

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I thought wizard was going to have 5 riders total? I know its a rumor...but I need that in my life.

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