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Latest Look at Gatchaman Live Action Film

Last December, we got our first look at the live-action film adaptation of the classic sci-fi animeScience Ninja Team Gatchaman”. And recently, a Japanese program aired a few additional footage from the filming of the movie.

Tori Matsuzaka will play the role of Ken Washio, the team leader and tactical expert. Also included in the cast are Go Ayano (Kamen Rider 555, Rurouni Kenshin) as second-in-command marksman and weapons expert Jō Asakura; Ayame Goriki (Mirai Nikki, IS) as the electronics and demolitions expert Jun; Tatsuomi Hamada (Ultraman Zero, Gokaiger vs Gavan) as the youngest and reconnaissance expert Jinpei; and, Ryōhei Suzuki (Hana Kimi) as Ryū Nakanishi, the ship's pilot.

Directed by Toya Sato (Kaiji, Gokusen), with screenplay by Yūsuke Watanabe (20th Century Boys, Gantz, Bloody Monday, 2013 Dragon Ball Z film), Gatchaman premieres August 24th, 2013.

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I loved bloody monday, the story of that show kept going from the first episode to the last episode and it was very exciting. Normally a show/movie that has action in it normally makes it exciting through the action scene's. When it comes to bloody monday, Yusuke and his cowriter at the time made it exciting through the story which they did a really good job at. I don't know if they took much influence from the manga to make Bloody monday a exciting show but i seriously hope that Yusuke can take that excitement of his writing also into Gatchaman and make it exciting through the story and not just through the action scene's. I would recommend Bloody Monday to anyone who wants to get familiar with his writing but do not think it's going to be the exact same thing because truthfully he doesn't always write serious stuff, i mean come on he's writing the new dragon ball movie, anyone familiar with that show knows that it isn't too serious.

    So yeah that's my opinion about the writer. What i worry about right now is Gouriki's acting, according to some commenter on other blog sites her acting isn't considered to be good in Japan and to be honest i really don't think that either because i've seen commercials of her and sadly her acting in those commercials aren't good either.

  2. I'm really hating the look of the team so far. I can understand not wanting to do bell-bottoms but come on! Could they at least be a bit more in the ballpark of what the characters actually look like!

    I guess the costumes will end up being Gantz with capes. -_-

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ^ I would love to see them looking closer to the original so that's something i can agree. However why are you still assuming that the costumes would look like the gantz costume? The only involvment this movie has with gantz is the screen writer. character designs were made by someone who didn't had any involvement with gantz in fact he's actualy the same chracter designer for the new tokusatsu show named Sasuraido. I would really wish you could make a better observation before just simply assuming that the costumes are going to be like Gantz, i'm not being a fan of the look so far either. In fact i have more problems with it than just what i saw in this video. For example they decided on the cast pretty much as quickly as possible, Tori matsuzaka, Ryohei Suzuki and Go ayano are good actors but they are casted on what the have played before and not on their acting which means they're being completely type casted. Gouriki Ayame is a terrible actress (and unnactractive in my opinion, that would be not so problem for something new but Gatchaman isnt new) and she's pretty much decided on her popularity and not because of her acting skills. They could've casted anyone ells better than her, like Taira Airi, Meada Atsuko, Aragaki Yui, Maki horikta, Aya Ueto, Aya Oomasa and many more to take this role. Heck they could've casted Iwasa Mayuko in this role who's actually better than Gouriki and actually has years of experience in the entertainment business (and i'm still surprised she appeared Goseiger returns).

    The news of the Gatchaman movie came out few days before they started filming which worried me because normally it would be many months before the filming to make the announcement which makes me think they're rushing things up. It makes me worried that this is going to be a sloppy Tokusatsu movie than a movie that's being well planned like Rurouni Kenshin (which ended up being one of the best adaptations according to some critics). Not everything is lost the Screen writer for this movies is a good screen writer and he is able to write a story that's action packed without relying to much on the action scene's which is a good thing. If everything ells fails i hope that the story would make it up for it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    LOL, in the anime they look white and they are japanese lol, these actors look nothing like the gatchamen. even kenshin's movie looks so better than this

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ^ that's because Rurouni Kenshin was being supervised by it's original creator, and basicly admitted that Takeru looked the part.

    Like i said the actors were not chosen because they looked the part they were chosen because they played characters before that were similiar to anime counter part.

    The one Japanese actor that should've played joe that basicly comes to my mind is Oguri Shun. He's well known, A praised actor among critics and fans, Versatile and it really does not matter what kind of look you give him he will always look the part and makes me believe he would be an awsome Joe.

    I'm worried, i hope the script would save the movie. Yūsuke do not dissapoint me!

  6. Anonymous Says:


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