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Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Mission Previews Streamed

This Saturday will be the premiere of the upcoming Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Megaforce. And with that, here are some previews on the first episode entitled “Mega Mission”.

The set of videos feature the Megaforce rangers summoning their weapons, their first encounter at the command center (where a glimpse of Ranger Keys are seen), and Troy's dream of the “Power Rangers Legend War”.

The team is made up of Troy (Red), Jake (Black), Noah (Blue), Gia (Yellow), and Emma (Pink).

Power Rangers Megaforce features Gosei, a supernatural guardian, who protected the Earth for centuries along with his robotic aide, Tensou. During the massive invasion of the evil Warstar aliens, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with attitude to form the ultimate team... the Power Rangers Megaforce!

Videos courtesy of prsamuraicast, Samuraicast Blog

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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25 Responses
  1. Lux-kun Says:

    wow, this looks promising.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Huh...first impressions...not too shabby. But lets wait and see how the whole episode turns out.

  3. Darkoblivion17 Says:

    I want to hate it...but i may not have sufficient reason to.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Lux, that's what everyone thought about Goseiger...

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Look on the final two seconds of the second video:

    Ranger Keys

    It might Gokaiger will be adapted for the second season of Megaforce

    Plus,in those same video,Gosei is an type of Sattelite

    The new Power Rangers series to be better than Samurai

  6. Anonymous Says:

    0:04 on first video - Skyick Sword

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm someone dreaming about a ranger war...
    *cough* *decade* *cough*

  8. TokuGirl90 Says:

    The robot kind of looks like Wall-e

  9. Anonymous Says:

    hmm at 0:33/0:33 at the end of the second preview we can see the Gokaiger keys, or atleast Green, Pink, and possibly Yellow even though it's in a 5color section.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Dream? Once, I saw this, I can say that this idea come from Kamen Rider Decade...Kamen Rider Decade being used here? Then let us see then

  11. Toni Says:

    The fact that Saban will not be using the Gokaiger suit will cut off my expectation of the anniversary.

    Is it just me or the dreams about the Legend War seems heavily edited to not show any past Sentai that didn't adapted into Power Rangers?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Bad Editing is Bad!!!!

  13. Unknown Says:

    I am wondering how they will explain FivePink in the background and JAKQs golden capes lol

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Nah, I actually liked the editing. Saban didn't slip up in that legend war footage and show any pre Zyu Sentai. well except the overhead shots. I really hope they don't try to incorporate Ranger Keys in the show just yet. Seems like too much merch at the moment, and Gosei had lots of toys, so....yeah.

  15. Unknown Says:

    no Toni, is not only you... and what are those ranger keys???!!! they didn't resembled non of the past teams, neither only Power Rangers or even Super Sentai's teams from Goranger to Jetman

  16. eko419 Says:

    Awesome!!! This looks really promising and looks to be a good season hopefully filled with Nostalgia although there are a few things that have me saying ehh.
    1. I strongly feel the first episode should have been called Day of the... anything. Here's hoping Ultra Megaforce does that.
    2. The theme song should have changed from the Samurai theme and
    3. It looks like Saban is still sticking to the same voice actors for the WarStar.

    All in all, this looks really promising.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Toni they said they were going to use the suits in Super Mega Force.

  18. NekoD Says:

    I heard Toei was asked to film some new footage for a PowerRanger LegendWar. I still wonder in which town the school is and if we get to see Datas. The Robo in the clip is hopefully just a drone of him, but we didn't see any toy Datas.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    It's only a few clips but i have to say i think the acting of these 5 is a lot better than samurai. i didnt feel like cringing at every word like that show.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Also in regards to gokaiger suits, this is just a gut feeling on my part but i think gokaiger suits will be used sparingly and they'll be a seperate team that helps the Megaforce. sort of like a team of phantom rangers. i bet they give them zords and ability to change to older teams (either through key or they'll make cards of old teams to transform to use the gokaiger clips).

    this way they keep the actors for 2 seasons, and use the gokaiger zords and footage. this will lead up to the last episode where they'll use the zord battle from gokaiger vs goseiger for the final battle.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I still think it's gonna be the typical saban remake. Full of terrible actors and bad writing. Thats why I cant watch power rangers anymore. Its just so bad I can stand to watch it for more then 5 minutes.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    They said way before samurai was over that they was refilling the legendary war where the hell have you been

  23. Unknown Says:

    Is it me or is these pink and yellow rangers getting hotter each season...but anyways...I almost wet myself when I seen the ranger keys. So existed to be back in Angel Grove High

  24. WillowWisp Says:

    ...ya know, all of those promos seemed fine up until that last one.

    Reason why? Because of the shoddy editing of the Legend War. I could spot seven of Pre-Zyu sentai in that promo, and I will be DAMNED if Saban doesn't plan on shooting his own version of it.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I saw the premiere. Not impressed. As one of the few who actually liked Samurai, in the beginning, guess I shouldn't be surprised. Its not anniversary show as much as it could be. Just rather simple and as many have pointed it their trying to be too much like the original series without breaking out with some sort of new theme like Dino Thunder or Ninja Storm.
    Not a big fan of the new girls either. They just seem too young and immature. The blond one is espcially dumb. The other, dark hariedone looks way too young for her age like 10 years old or something.

    Yet, the overcritical online masses whole heartedly approve of this first

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