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YUZU to Sing New Hunter x Hunter Anime "Chimera Ant" Ending

It has been announced that musical duo YUZU will be singing the new ending theme for MADHOUSE's Hunter×Hunter anime's upcoming Chimera Ant Arc. The duo previously sung for the first film, Phantom Rouge.

The new song will be entitled “Nagareboshi Kirari”. The song was heard in the Hunter×Hunter: Phantom Rouge movie, performed by Megumi Han (Gon), Ise Mariya (Killua) and Hirano Aya (Retsu).

In the Chimera Ant Arc, Kite has been hired by the country of Kakin to do ecological research as part of a biological survey, leading a team of seven kids aspiring to become Hunters. Gon, Killua, and his team ended up in NGL to exterminate the dangerous creatures. Hunter×Hunter's Chimera Ant Arc starts April 21st.

via Crunchyroll

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