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First 88 Seconds of "Judge" Live Action Film Streamed

The first 88 seconds of the live action film adaptation of Yoshiki Tonogai's psychological suspense manga, JUDGE, had been released by the film's official YouTube page. Led by actor Koji Seto (Kamen Rider Kiva), the film will take us in a old courtroom filled with animal-mask-wearing suspects.

Other cast of the film include Kasumi Arimura (Hagane no Onna, Clover), Jiro Sato (Gokusen, Densha Otoko), Kazuyoshi Taira, Fukino Kawate, Sōtarō Tanaka (Kibō no Koku), and Yūko Nishimaru (Salaryman Kintaro).

In the original manga, nine young strangers wake up and find themselves wearing animal masks in a shuttered old courtroom. Accused of sins, each one represents a one deadly sin—pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust— they must judge and sacrifice each other one by one, until the last four survivors are the only ones left. They must all play the game, or they will all die.

Directed by Yō Kohatsu (Waya!, Seichi e, Chokujou se yo!), the live-action Judge film premieres in Japanese theaters on November 8th.

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