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Kikaider Reboot Movie Trailer Streamed

The official trailer for the Kikaider Reboot movie is now online and ready for viewing with some info about the movie's story!

Set in the near future, Dr. Nobuhiko komyoji (Hirotaro Honda), head of the robot engineering created the project called "ARK Project" to make robots pecaefully solve human problems beyond human control. But when Dr. Komyoji found out that the ARK project's goal is not as he planned, he betrays the organization. One of his creations, Android Mary (Maryjun Takahashi), was ordered by the organization to kill him but fails in the end. Thinking that Dr. Komyoji is dead, the Ark project spreads the story of his death that it was caused by an accident during an experiment. A year later, the project is now headed by Komyoji's rival. Kanzaki and the minister of defense, Tsubakiya, who have begun to use the project for their own agendas. ARK project finds out that Dr. Komyoji might still be alive so they attacked his children, Mitsuko (Aimi Satsukawa) and Masaru (Yuta Ikeda), just to flush Dr. Komyoji out. But then, a robot with Dr. Komyoji's Conscience Circuit, Kikaider/Jiro (Jingi Irei) appears with one main mission: protect Dr. Komyoji's children. 

Original Kikaider actor Daisuke Ban is also set to appear in this movie but his role is yet to be known.

Via Henshin Justice

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