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Itano Tomomi Announces First Album and Nationwide Tour

As former AKB48 member, Itano Tomomi commemorates the release of her newest single entitled, "little" which was released last February 5th, she held a high touch event on April 5th at the Tokyo Dome City LaQua Garden Stage.

Originally, the schedule was on February 8th but was postponed and moved to February 15th. But then, it was postponed due to the heavy snow. During the said event, Itano announced in front of 2,000 people that she's going to release her first album on July 2nd. In line with that, she also announced that she'll be having her first nationwide tour.

In relief, Itano said, "It's finally sunny today." Then she continued, "Postponed twice because of the snow. On top of that, I opened a shop in Omotesando on February 4th, and it even snowed on the opening day... Because it snowed 3 times in a row, the staff around me have started to call me 'yuki onna' (a woman whose presence brings snow)."

On the event, she performed her new songs, "little" and "Girls Do". After, she then explained the concept behind "little", "Since it's my first single after graduating from AKB48, I wrote it as a support song to myself, as well as to those who listen to it." She then gave its appeal saying, "The lyrics show two sides of me; the side that I always show everyone and the small side that is within me, the side that I don't want to show anyone."

So far, Itano is currently working on her first album which is said to contain 15 songs. With this, she says, "I'm trying out various things, so everyone, please look forward to it."

Lastly, on April 27th, her first regular TV program "Itano Paisen!" will start.

via Tokyohive | Oricon

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