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ToQger Toy Catalog 3 Scans

Images of ToQger's 3rd toy catalog has surfaced featuring ToQ-6's mecha, movie mecha, a new weapon for the team and some Super Sentai Resshas.

The Build Ressha's will be ToQ-6's personal traines and combines to form Build Daioh (not seen in the scan).

Safarigaoh will be the team's movie exclusive mecha which is more Toq-Oh looking but only white in color and armed with claws.

The Dai Kaiten Cannon (Big Rotative Cannon) will be the team's new weapon. It's capable of firing several Resshas one after another by rotating them. The toy version will be sold with a golden Red Ressha.

And lastly, the Super Sentai Resshas which is consisted of the following: Go-onger Ressha, Shinkenger Ressha, Goseiger Ressha and Gokaiger Ressha.

Source: Hero Shock

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4 Responses
  1. Roo Says:

    I need that gokaiger ressha in my life... Damn you bandai!!!

  2. V Says:

    I thought Diesel-Oh was going to be ToQ-6's mecha. My mistake

  3. LOL all Sentai-Oh turn into train.. XD

  4. NekoD Says:

    Better than Speedor-Ressha would have been a Tyline-Keline release based on the DenO-Ressha mold

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