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Kamen Rider Drive Type High Speed, Dead-Heat & Dead-Heat Mach Revealed

This month issue is chuck full of Ninninger goodies but that doesn't mean that Kamen Rider Drive will be left out! Check out this scans that reveals Drive's new form: Type High Speed!

No added information has been revealed yet but according to the scans, this new, silver colored version of the Shift Car Type Speed and Drive's new form will appear in the next Terebi-Kun DVD insert. Will we see this form in the series? Only time will tell!

Plus, we have a little preview of Drive and Mach's new forms: Type Dead-Heat and Dead-Heat Mach!

Source: Carception_Henshin of HJU

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3 Responses
  1. Asura Says:

    That's not Type Dead Heat, that's Type High Speed. Type Dead Heat is next month's reveal...

  2. Unknown Says:

    Is High Speed just a Terebi-kun special form? :(
    If it is, this would be kinda sad....
    Type High Speed looks really cool
    This is the only Terebi-kun special form I like

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @Asura - They weren't talking about High Speed but the figures in the lower left corner of the last picture.

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