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Ressha Sentai ToQger: Black ToQ-1 Info

Here's some better magazine scans and a little update from the recent post regarding the information about Black ToQ-1 and Hyper ToQ-6. Read-on after the break.

It looks like the black version of ToQ-1 isn't the final form of Emperor Zet but instead, it's Right who's been corrupted to become an out of control ToQ-1! As for Akira, he will be forced to harness the power of the Hyper Ressha to try and save his friend from being totally consumed by the darkness!

Source: Heroshock

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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Thought so
    There's no way Zet is going to be ToQ-1
    If he did, he might be a different number

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I imagined Right become Toq-1 black and Akira getting the hyper ressha, but i thought of that for a ninninger vs toqger, not now! but still, this show needs a little "darkness"

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