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Kamen Rider Drive: DX Signal Axe Revealed Plus Kamen Rider Chaser?

This just in from Henshin Fever! A toy catalog revealing the new weapon for Machine Chaser's next evolution is finally revealed and it's called the Signal Axe.

Plus the catalog alsoshows a Signal Bike that is similar to Chase's super bike that is being used in the DX Mach Driver. Could these mean that his next evolution is that, he will finally become a Kamen Rider? Stay tuned boys and girls!

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7 Responses
  1. signal axe........bit too soon after the signal hammer from toqger (i know differnt franchise, but sentai and rider are back-to-back airing so...)

  2. Unknown Says:

    Or this is Mach with Ride Chaser Signal Bike....

  3. Anonymous Says:

    actually they specifically wrote "Kamen Rider Chaser" henshin by using Signal Chaser.

    So I guess Chase will be a Kamen Rider is pretty much confirmed

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So, does this mean that the Mach Driver is capable of changing someone into more than one rider? Kind of like the White Wizard/Mage driver? If so, this makes me ask a lot of questions concerning Mach...

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So chase is getting another Mach driver or will he shares it with Gou?

  6. Unknown Says:

    As the "Grim Reaper" i'd have liked seeing him wield a scythe.

    But I like axes too.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    the other queston is what will happen if shift speed or other body shift car is inserted into mach driver? Will the user transforms into Drive ?

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