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Kamen Rider EX-AID - Episode 4 Summary And Crew

Here's the episode summary for the 4th episode of Kamen Rider EX-Aid entitled "The operation called Dash!" that will also feature the debut of Kamen Rider Lazer!

Emu loses his Mighty Action X Gashat to Taiga Hanaya (Kamen Rider Snipe) after winning the challenge of defeating Revol Bugster which leaves him in a powerless state of not being to transform into EX-AID and cure his patient that is infected with the Bugster virus.

Losing hope, medical examiner and coroner Kujo Kiriya appears before Emu but instead of helping retrieve EX-Aid's Gashat, he has his own agenda. Soon after, Kiriya acquires the Bakusou Bike Gashat and transforms into the new Gamer Rider called Kamen Rider Lazer.

The fourth episode will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto, with Takeshi Miyazaki on the action directing, SFX director will be Hiroshi Butsuda and screenplay by Yuuya Takahashi.

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