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Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger - 2nd Quarter Toy Catalog Leaked

Thanks to the great guys at The Geek Cauldron, a batch of new scanned images that was taken from the Kyuuranger 2nd quarter toy catalog has been leaked featuring a Shishi Red power-up, new Voyager Machines and new rangers!

First up is Shishi Red's first power-up via the Hikari Kyutama, which activates his sun and moon forms and powers. 

Then there's Ryuu Commander. The Kyuuranger's mentor and 10th ranger transforms into his ranger form using the Ryutsueder staff.

Ryuu Commander's personal mecha is the Ryu Voyager. This dragon mecha can combine with Voyager Machines to form the Ryuteioh.

And finally, this image finally confirms rumors for the 11th ranger, Koguma Sky Blue, which draws his powers from the Ursa major and minor constellations and he pilots the Kuguma and Ohguma Voyager Machines.

I'll say it again for the nth time, THIS IS TOO EARLY! Is Bandai and Toei going all-out for this one?

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24 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow the rumor is true, SkyBlue ranger and they're ursa minor themed !! that's so awesome, ever since i saw Kamen Rider Fourze i wanted to see a toku show with the good guys having an astrology motif.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I hope it's not a case of red only power ups like last season, but unfortunately, it seem like the case. Also, the design comes off as kind of lazy.

  3. Unknown Says:

    Just one word to this year super hero time Tokusatsu (Kyuranger - ex aid) Awesome.... I hope the bear one is a female of one...Band we have another ranger... White in Cygnus or Pegasus constellation...

  4. Now, the mystery: Is Koguma Sky Blue a man or a young girl like some rumours were claiming?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cough cough. Early just like ninninger!

  6. Ryu command and the cyan ranger looks awesome. However, I kind of don't like the moon and sun power up form.

  7. Unknown Says:

    ... Let me guess, another MALE ranger?

  8. Unknown Says:

    This maybe early, but let's be honest we've gotten stuff early like this before. Kyoryuger did it, ninninger did it, gain did it. Let's just hope they can balance the characters, that's what you should be worried about.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This new Dragon Mecha looks AWESOME.

  10. Ono Says:

    Probably the first bit I'm not liking about Kyuranger, is Red's power up. The Sun and Moon touch is nice (Pokemon nod?) but it doesn't look good.

    Also, 10th and 11th members are confirmed. Now we only need to wait for the 12th! LOL.

    "And finally, this image finally confirms rumors for the 11th ranger, Koguma Sky Blue, which draws his powers from the Ursa major and minor constellations and he pilots the Kuguma and Ohguma Voyager Machines."

    The rumor mentioned that it's a female, and her helment design DOES resemble Green Chamelleon.

    "I'll say it again for the nth time, THIS IS TOO EARLY! Is Bandai and Toei going all-out for this one?"
    Remember that this catalogue is LEAKED. That means it's really not too early. As in, not INTENDED to go public just yet. Beside, StarNinger was already LEAKED before Ninninger started. So not really a surprise. Quite similar with The World in Zyuohger, who were already rumored when the show began.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hikari Kyutama (Sun and Moon)

    Ryuu Commander

    Koguma Sky Blue
    -Hope it's cool because I'm still can't see his/her full body

    I think this series will have more than 12 rangers.
    we still have white, gray & navy. or maybe it they use same color like red in magiranger & timeranger.

    I hope this the new era/trend/format for super sentai. Hope they will start with nine rangers in every series.

    This series will be different.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I forgot about brown. I think we never have brown ranger. right?


  13. partiallyBatty Says:

    Ok, I was willing to accept the inbalanced gender ratio of this team, but now it's harder to look past. Only two female members to NINE MALE MEMBERS? NINE?! Heck, for a series called KYUUranger, why even bother having females if they were gonna be overshadowed this fast?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    another red only power up? Jesus Christs Toei, I know red is always the main character but sentai is supposed to be a team story and why do we have 2 blue rangers?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Shishired going Solgaleo & Lunala.
    Is Ursa minor voyager a bear on a unicycle?
    I thought Ryuteioh should've have 4 interchangable limbs instead of just it's arms, but ok

  16. Unknown Says:

    Ofc they do, and for the first time, all of fans prediction is unsurprisingly true!! Or maybe bc it is too predictable. But Ryuteioh and Koguma Sky Blue is totally DA bomb!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    We've no idea if the cyan ranger is male or female yet so don't get worked up and see is it's face

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Another year, another hope that we get a sentai worthy of Shinkenger's ranks... and not a constant repeat of Daigo Sentai Daigoger.

    But on the brightside, even if the writing is horid, if the toys looks alright - it's not so bad.

    Only good thing about the daigo squadron were the toys. Too early to jude this series, but I'm loving thr dragon and bear mechs thus far.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The constellation for Ryuu Commander is Draco.

  20. Hans Says:

    Ryuu Commander is the mentor ranger a la Deka Master. I'm guessing Kohguma Sky Blue will be the "official" 6th Ranger of the series despite actually being the 11th and will be the sixth "human" Ranger. I suspect we'll probably get even more Kyuu Rangers but they'll be guest Rangers that only appear occasionally like Zyuoh Bird, Deka Bright or the Spirit Rangers.

  21. Koguma... So sky blue is a kid?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I knew that staff in Shou Ronbou's picture was suspicious!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    The Moon form would suit better as Ookami Blue's power-up.

    ...coz you know... werewolves~

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Man, most of you Sentai fans are toxic. Lots of complaints and moans for people that watch a kid's show. Why do you always expect female members when these shows are predominantly male-driven? Japan has always seen Sentai/Rider as more for the male market why are you all so surprised there are only two females? The emphasis has always been the red guy for power ups or leadership, can't we just appreciate without nitpicking a kid's show all the time?

    A lot of reference to Dairanger in Cho SHT commercial and Kibaranger with the sky blue character but it makes sense Dairanger is based on mythical constellations. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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