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Kamen Rider EX-AID - The Clue To The Identity Of Kamen Rider Chronos Revealed!

A scanned image referring to the plot of future Kamen Rider EX-Aid episodes has surfaced stating that "someone" will return next month and change the course of the battle. Could this person be the one who will become Kamen Rider Chronos?

Thanks to the translating skills of our friend Filip "Man from Japan" Judar, the translation for the said image goes like this:

"A character will be brought back to life and twist things around after 5 months. Who could that someone be?"

"Oh, i'm so itching to kill someone and ruin your day..."

Speculations say that it will be Kamen Rider Genm/Dan Kuroto, who will be revived by his father, Dan Masamune. We all know that Kuroto is no longer a human but a being with Bugster-like qualities and as we know it, he's been running the show for months before he got iced by Pallad. Could it be Graphite Bugster who was recently revived? Or could this someone be Kiriya whom we all know is already deceased but is still making appearances in movies and specials.

One thing is for sure that we will be seeing Kamen Rider Chronos in the next issue of Terebi-Kun so let's all wait for the suspense filled answer.

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would really be surprised if it was Kiriya. Every single hint and foreshadow points to Kuroto. I don't really mind that Kuroto may be back. Never been a fan nor a hater. I just hope they keep the plot on the rails.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In fact, its more probable it is Kuroto since he did not receive his flowers by the end of filming episode 23, different to Kiriya. Although if we were tomguide by this, then Graphite would be weird since he received his flowers but returned 20 eps later.

  3. does that mean kiriya, cause dan died like a couple of weeks ago and definitely not 5 months

  4. Tensai Gamer M Says:

    Well, as Anonymous said, Tetsuya-san didn't receive his flowers, but Hayato-san did. However Shouma-san did receive the his flowers but he returned 20 eps later.
    Logically everyone thought Tetsuya-sa... I mean Kuroto-san is Chronos. However we now know that "someone will made a return AFTER 5 month". Casually Hayato... Kiriya-san "died" around 5 month ago and he made his appearance as KiRider of Kamen Sentai GoRider.
    Most important thing... Who have created Maximum Might X's Bugster reprogramming feature (and software)? It was Kiriya-san... casually.
    We also know that Chronicle features a Level 2 humanoid form of Lazer... But not one of Genm. If he is going to reappear why they made a Lazer's silouhette and not a Genm's one? Really strange...
    It would be logic and wouldn't be surprising if Kiriya IS Chronos.
    Maybe it's Ex-Aid/Genm-like appearance is because he'll use a Buggle Driver II. Maybe it's because it's initial programmer was Kuroto-san, so he created some kind of copy of Ex-Aid to continue the "I am a programmer, I don't like genious programmer like me. So I don't like you Hojo Emu. I will be the one who will defeat you, as your doppelganger"-paradox (because he won't beat him). We have to wait to see Chronos' real Identity. Meanwhile... "Nisoku

  5. Asshole Says:

    I would so love it if Kiriya made a return, and I have indeed been hoping for something like this. But, who really knows? Dan was a GREAT villain, so I don't really have an issue with him returning-- I only hope that when/if he does he can bring that same level of annoyance, evil, and just plain crazy he did the first go around. I also found myself saying "Holy shit, this guy is such a fucking asshole!" when he was on screen. He was just a guy you loved to hate.

    I still disagree with the Graphite theory. Unless he does something truly heinous, that destroys Emu, I don't see Graphite being a villain for Emu. His fight is with Hiiro, and Taiga as he has wronged them already.

    Dan however, was already a massive asshole, and a ruthless bastard. It's entirely possible that the completion/clear of Chronicle is a fail-safe to have himself revived, or as the name "Chronos" suggests, it can master time. Meaning whoever uses it, for whatever reason decides to bring him back.

    Also, time skips can happen. Seeing as we don't really have the best gauge of time between episodes, and shouldn't assume they're all days apart.

  6. Unknown Says:

    Dude shut the fuck up about flowers.
    Fuckin Dan fanboys I swear

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi I think there's a translation error. It's not a character who 'comes back after 5 months', it's 'the character will return in May'.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    after 5 months?
    kiriya dead 25 Desember 2016
    mei is 5 months later kiriya dead

  9. Unknown Says:

    5 months ago to this date is DECEMBER

  10. Unknown Says:

    You "think" there's a translation error?

    What are you stupid or something?
    I'm a translator and the above is accurate.
    It literally says "5 months"
    Dan was gone for a few weeks. Kiriya was gone for 5 months.
    Dan returning will make fanboys happy. Kiriya returning will confuse and twist the story,

    The scan speaks of the return "twisting" the current story.
    Please learn Japanese and don't confuse people.

    What everyone should be asking is. What kind of convo did Kiriya and Dans father really have prior to Kiriya's demise.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    No, I study Japanese and it doesn't mean 'after 5 months'. It means during the broadcast in May that's why it's 5月放送分 not 5月放送後 lol - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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