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Kyoryuger's Akihisa Shiono Is Said To Be Dating Voice Actress Karen Miyama

Akihisa Shiono, known for his role as Souji Rippukan/Kyoryugreen of Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is reported to have been dating former child and voice actress Karen Miyama, Cure Whip of Kira Kira Precure ala mode.

The said news was printed in a sports article last April 19th. According to Shiono's talent agency, Oscar Pro, they told reporters that "Karen is one of Akihisa's good friends".

The 2 met each other at a stage play "A small wedding, someday a good wind will blow" where they portrayed the role of the main characters who were lovers. According to their acquaintances, the 2 were always spending time together during stage practice where some of them already referred them as couples.

Akihisa reacted to this situation by tweeting "when i woke up in the morning, there was a lot of LINE notifications which i don't usually get". On the other hand, Karen did not receive any reactions in all of her social network accounts.

Source: Nihon Hero

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