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Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 Episode 12 Title & Summary

Chihiro and Iyu are now on the run... what does the future hold for the both of them? Can they find peace and the will to live? With 2 more episodes left before a great series ends, read all about the title and summary for the 12th episode of Kamen Rider Amazons' second season.

Episode 12 "Yellow brick road (6/23/17)

Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Director: Ryuta Tasaki

"After saving him from a brutal fate in the hands of his father, Iyu's heart has been finally moved by Chihiro's honest thoughts and feelings for her but how can they face the hard reality of the pain of it all? Even Jin and the rest of the extermination squad has to feel this pain."

I can honestly say, that this is another one of those dark tokusatsu series since Kuuga and Agito that has glued me to each episode. If there was a tokusatsu series of the year award, no doubt that Jin, Haruka (I still hate this dude to the core) and Chihiro will bring home the bacon. Thank you, Yasuko Kobayashi, for your writing skills.

Source: Daisuki Toku

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    why do you hate haruka? i actually like him. its chihiro that i dont like

  2. Unknown Says:

    why do you hate Haruka?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am looking forward to Amazons season 3 already. It is fun to watch Kamen Rider Fourze or Ex-Aid make for younger audiences. However Kamen Rider series can also rival western super heroes series such as Marvels Agents Of Shield if produced for adult audiences.

  4. Unknown Says:

    I'd rather hate Kurosaki lol, great actor nonetheless!

  5. Unknown Says:

    i don't see Haruka as a Scrappy archetype. His motivations was altruistic just like any KR protagonists. Jin is getting on my nerves lately for his one-sided mindset towards his goals, including killing his son of course.

  6. Both of them i dont like

  7. Anonymous Says:

    lulz are you fucking kidding me haruka is tame compare to the retard chihishit!!....i hate him so much clinging to the zombie girl like a little shit he are

  8. Unknown Says:

    Award should be given to Iyu since she is the most important female heroine in KR after so many years before.
    For the final, i can't predict how to defeat Nanaha since Neo Omega have also been defeated by her

  9. Unknown Says:

    perhaps original can only be defeated by original?

  10. I think Jin is the most badass character since Tendou Souji from KR Kabuto. Haruka is very much similar with other main KR protagonists.

  11. And I really cannot wait to see Chihiro dead. He's a crybaby and need someone else to saves his ass. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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