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Kamen Rider EX-AID - A Warrior's Legacy! Kamen Rider Brave Legacy Gamer Is Born!

A new month has come so thus a new beginning for Hiiro, the man who will finally achieve an all new power to play the game of survival to an all-new level! New Terebi-Kun scanlations featuring Kamen Rider Brave Legacy Gamer Level 100 brought to us by Filip-kun!

After being defeated by Emu's ultimate level-up form, Masamune Dan once again forces Hiiro to battle his comrades whom he has betrayed in order to save the life of the woman that he loves. He gives Hiiro the Taddle Legacy Gashat that gives him the power to level-up into the ultimate swordsman,  Kamen Rider Brave Legacy Gamer Level 100! 

Also this July, as Hiiro progresses, his orders are to eliminate Kamen Rider Para-DX, as calculated by Masamune, if he is finally out of the game, Emu will not be able to transform into EX-AID! That's not all, Para-DX will also get his butt kicked by the new and all powerful Emu plus Chronos will now have a hard time battling the Gamer Riders as they are almost united against him but little do they know that he is cooking something that will change the course of the game and that is making Kamen Rider Chronicle harder and all the odds are favored to him!

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1 Response
  1. Asshole Says:

    The best thing about this is Brave (Legacy) will finally start to kick some ass! Hiiro has been getting his ass kicked since... Fuck! Ever! I think his only real victory was against Genm when he got to level 50 for the first time, after that he was just a punching bag sidekick. A man can only take so many losses.

    I hope the Muteki vs Palla-DX fight goes exactly as it should. I want to see Emu finally have the upperhand in that fight. And maybe have Pallad listen to reason. But then again, how many Bugsters do we need, right? (although there's a certain sweet irony there).

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