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Ultraman Geed - Fusion Rise! Solid Burning & Acro Smasher!

Let's check-ou this newest Ultraman Geed scanlations from the latest issue of Terebi-Kun featuring cool information about the 2 of his first Fusion Rise forms, Solid Burning and Acro Smasher!

Before we head-on to his 2 other forms, here's a quick recap of his default form. With the help of the Geed Riser, Riku will transform into Ultraman Geed Primitive. His special techniques are Geed Tackle, Geed Barrier and Wrecking Throw. He can also arm himself with the Geed Claw which he uses to perform the Claw Cutting and Corkscrew Jamming. His finishing attack is the Wrecking Burst!

As for his Fusion Rise forms, the powerful Solid Burning can use the Geed Slugger which he can use as a range or melee weapon and it can also mount on his wrist (Slugger Punch) or ankle (Slugger Kick) and his power attack is the Strike Boost. In his speedy and athletic Acro Smasher form, he can perform the Smash Beam Blade, Atmos Impact and Smash Moon Healing techniques. 

And when Kay's monster fusing troubles are giving Geed a giant sized headache, the chosen one, Ultraman Zero, will appear to even up things for geed. And did we mention that he will become Geed's mentor?

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