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Super Sentai 2018 Rumors - Actors/Actress, Changers, Robots & More

With just a few days more before we get the official reveal via toy catalogs and magazine scans, another set of rumors for the upcoming 2018 Super Sentai series, Patranger and Lupinranger has come up and this is a long list so prepare some of those table salt.

From Dukemon22

Grains of salt- Actor hints were posted on 2ch for one of the two teams as follows:

"Takasaki JKY, Okada RTR, Aoshima KKR". 

These likely point to:

Takasaki Jukiya (Age 17):

He's a member of the 2nd Generation of Boys and Men, same idol group as Kobayashi Yutaka (who's in the 1st generation.) 

Okada Ryutaro (Age 23):

Drama actor. This year, he acted in Fujitive Boys and Smartphone is in Brain. 

Aoshima Kokoro (18):

Model. She also played Hiromi Alice in Zero- Dragon Blood. 

These match a rumored set of ages recently posted on 2ch. (Didn't post these here yet, i don't think):

One Team:

Other Team:

-suits will incorporate a necktie design. 

-The title will use the word "VS." The Lupinranger will steal the title from the Patoranger. 

-The Lupinranger are the Red-Yellow-Blue team. The Patoranger are the Red-Green-Pink team. Lupinranger's suits are "cool" and LupinBlue looks something like Wingman.

-mecha related:

“Giant 1”
“Changing 3”
“Bang Bang” 
“Right baba baba baba”
“Left is 04, Blue Mecha.”

-“Giant 1” is referring to the one team’s Robo being comprised of one mecha. 

-While the “Changing 3” is referring to the other team’s Robo being comprised of three mecha.
“Spinning” and “bang bang” is referring to a spinning barrel of a gun which is a revolver. 
“Right baba baba baba” may have something to do with the right side of the team’s suits being black.
“Left is 04, Blue mecha.” Which would mean that blue’s mecha makes up the left arm of the mecha and incorporates the numbers 04.

-Both teams will use the same henshin device, but insert different gadgets into it to transform. If you look closely the suits are similar between the teams, but different because of this. Weapons include a Megaphone, a staff, and a sword
-As for Ranger Designations, it is rumored that the Lupinranger will be called by Lupin + Color (ex. LupinRed) and that the Patoranger will be called by Patoren + Number (ex. PatorenIchigo)
The logo for Lupinranger and Patoranger will have a hat over or in place of the “Lu” in Lupin. Also, the attachable gadgets for the Changer are related to the hints “spinning” and “bang bang.” There are 3 “spinning” attachments and 3 “bang bang” attachments.

-‪The “spinning” attachment is related to flying and the “bang bang” attachment is related to driving. ‬

The Lupinranger/Patoranger Changer is rumored to be called the “VSChanger.” (VersusChanger).
-Title of the show is “Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger”

-Lupinranger is composed of LupinRed, LupinBlue and LupinYellow. Yellow is female.

-Patoranger is composed of PatorenIchigo (Red), PatorenNigo (Green) and PatorenSango (Pink). Sango is female.

-Lupinranger looks like Timeranger. Patoranger has several design points from other series.

-As for mecha, they are “cool” and “surprising”. Lupinranger will have 3 jets. Patoranger will have 3 cars. The mecha will have a shared battleship, possibly which they launch from.

-The Lupinranger change attachments are dials that attach to the fuselages of their mecha. In Gattai form, they make a hat. The “bang bang” attachments for the Patoranger work the same way.

-Patoranger’s robot is rumored to be called MetropolitanRobo. 

-There are rumored to be grabber/staff weapons for one team, likely Lupinranger. Patoranger has megaphone weapons. 

- The series will see the return of personal transport vehicles for each ranger.

From Oxanium of Ranger Board:

- the changer called 'Dorobo changer'

- Lupinranger and PAtoranger is the same team! but they work differently in the different dimension!

- The world has been separated by the villain one is the world that police work with righteousness to protect the world from thieves while police is unfair in another dimension so there will be a rebelion and Lupinranger wants to shut down this system and bring back the normal world
[In conclude , Lupinranger and Patoranger is the same team same person but work differently in two dimensions]

- Their base is the base where they can go to another dimensions easily

And that, , my friends, is one long @$$ list of rumors. Reports also say that we will be getting our first bits of images this coming friday so be on the look-out!

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    Seems a bit confusing. I'll wait for official announcements.

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    Pretty sure some of these contradict. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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